Our low pressure technique uses a chemical process to clean tile, metal, and shingle roofs.  Low pressure cleaning is not recommended for rubber roofs because it can dry out the rubber, causing it to crack.  After the solution has had time to work it's magic, we use a low pressure rinse to remove all of the algae, dirt, and debris.


RoofCleaningin Tampa and surrounding areas

Duckie's offers shingle, metal, vinyl, rubber, and tile roof cleaning services.  It is important to keep your roof clean, for a number of reasons. The life of your roof may be shortened by deterioration, due to mold and algae growth.  Those roof stains will everntually reach the painted surfaces of your house, which will have the same effect.  A dirty roof does not reflect the sun's rays as well, so it retains more heat, which can cause higher energy bills.

There are two different techniques to clean your shingle, tile, rubber, or metal roof.  The first is low pressure chemical washing, the other is high pressure washing.  Some companies will tell you that high pressure washing is the best roof cleaning service.  Others will say that low pressure is the only way to go.  This can get confusing, but the truth is, each roof is different, and may require either one, or possibly, both of these techniques.  Duckie's takes the time to look at each roof individually to determine which technique will yield the best results. We offer our roof cleaning in Tampa and surrounding areas.

Low pressure

High Pressure

Our high pressure technique uses a special surface cleaner to fully and evenly clean your tile, rubber, and metal roof.  High pressure is not recommended for shingle roofs, as it could damage the shingles.  After the surface cleaner has been used, a high pressure rinse ensures that all dirt, algae, and debris is removed.